Ashton Woods

Ashton Woods

Ashton Woods is a new home builder through out the state of Arizona. The brand them selves as eco friendly home builders in Gilbert A.Z. whom offers over 19 years of new home build experience in several of the states cities. Claims of over 44% of savings per year in utility bills are offered to home buyers with their “Power House Green homes” and they are considered a national land developer and master planned designers of new home construction companies. In addition to 1 and 2 story houses they also build a few condominium complexes as well.

The “going green” programs of the living environments and the power house program are thought out and made to support a healthy lifestyle while making a small carbon footprint. The following 7 categories of focus contribute to the almost %0% energy bill savings they suggest a new house of their offers:

    • Moisture management for the interior
    • Property Matched HVAC parts
    • Air Tight Construction
    • Top Insulation Systems
    • Ventilated fresh air
    • Balanced Pressure
    • Combustible safety

This business has its headquarters in Atlanta Ga, and are a subsidiary of the “Great Gulf Group”. This is their multinational assembly of many real estate focused corporations.

The manufactured large affordable homes with energy efficiency in mind. They also offered competitive lender rates via their Ashton woods Mortgage section of the company. The are well known for making sure their properties are located next to employment hubs and businesses and shops as well as metro transportation locations such as trams, buses, light rails, and trolleys.

If you need financing they offer a competitive program designed to offer you a well fitting lender or MTG broker for what for many is one of the largest investment purchases of their life. While this can be intimidating for a new home buyers its really quite simple and you can discuss this with your local real estate agent.

If you do not have an agent we suggest never buying a new house with out one. These are businesses and their goal is to make as much money as possible they spend years figuring out ways to do this. Avoid being taken advantage of and be representable buy a new home buyers real estate agent. They are free to you and usually save you thousands.

Their south east valley new houses in Gilbert Arizona are located at 4 great new build communities in the heart of the city.