Ways to Eliminate Dust in the Home

All bunnies are cute and adorable -except dust bunnies! If it seems that this unwelcomed dust critter makes itself at home in your home no matter how much you clean, it’s time to get serious about getting it out of your home especially if you need to sell it . Dust contains some pretty nasty […]

Home Seller benefits to offering a home warranty

Home Seller benefits to offering a home warranty In 2018, some 5.5 million homes were sold across the United States. Hundreds of thousands of sellers were ultimately sued for misrepresenting what they sold to buyers. Many other Americans’ homes had taken severe damage just days after buying them, often resulting in sellers being forced to […]

Apartments and Homes: Renting vs. Buying

Apartments and Homes: Renting vs. Buying When it comes to apartment and house hunting, 2018 apartment statistics show renting or buying your own place both come with their own pros and cons. A small family, for example, may prefer to not to buy a house or apartment right away, preferring instead to find a suitable […]

Apartment Rental Statistics 2017-2018

Apartment Rental Statistics 2017-2018  Although many people include owning a home as part of the “American dream,” people who have never owned a home before fail to think about the responsibilities associated with home ownership. If anything breaks or stops operations properly, it’s – guess who? – their responsibility to fix that appliance, HVAC system, […]

The Best Luxury Tempe Apartments Near ASU in AZ

Luxury Apartments in Tempe AZ Tempe, Arizona is home to a number of quality schools, eateries, malls, venues, and other places of entertainment. Arizona State University — the most populous university in the United States — is located in the heart of Tempe, bringing many talented, intelligent young adults to the area. The Keg Steakhouse […]

Tips to Make Your Spring Staycation Fun and Relaxing

Tips to Make Your Spring Staycation Fun and Relaxing It’s a beautiful spring season here in Chandler, Arizona, and you can enjoy this happy time of year right in your own luxury apartmen. Treating yourself to a staycation can be very enjoyable, and there are several ways to make it one you’ll remember. You can […]

Try These Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Couldn’t Sell Your Home, Try These Staging Tips It is a fact that when the property is listed for sale, it has to be sold out at the earliest as it can ensure the best value for you. It has noted many times that when the property couldn’t sell within the initial months after listing, […]

Graffiti Removal Tips and Techniques

While we all appreciate art, graffiti is a vandalism that leaves valuable buildings and objects distorted by paint or markers. Often graffiti includes vulgar terms or pictures, and needs to be removed as quickly as possible by a local Phoenix graffiti removal service. If you find yourself facing graffiti removal, we put together some tips […]