Sell My House Fast

Real estate is one of the few areas left in the modern world where buying and selling continues to resemble an old-timey bazaar, with dickering and barter and no way of knowing ahead of time what the price will ultimately be. On top of that, there is a layer of bureaucratic paperwork and legalese that can make the goals of selling a home rapidly seem like an impossible task.

If you need to sell a house rapidly, we buy ugly houses are your answer.

Instead of listing the house, cleaning it up, and showing it to countless potential buyers, we can make you a cash offer and you decide whether to say Yes or No. It removes the majority of the headaches involved in your typical residential real estate transaction, and it can happen in as little as seven days from the time of offer to closing.

Some people just don’t have the time to market a house. Sometimes they have factors pressuring them to sell quickly. This is when people call us. Some of those situations include:

  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • Getting divorced
  • Being sued
  • Sudden high medical bills
  • Taking a job elsewhere
  • Losing a job
  • Inheriting a house
  • Retirement
  • Finding themselves with an Empty Nest

We buy a wide range of residential properties and condition does not matter. This is why we are known for buying “Ugly Houses.” We have been the #1 home buyer in the U.S. for years.

Whether you have a condo, single family detached house, duplex, or townhouse, you can call us with confidence. We even sometimes buy commercial properties.

You do not have to fix anything up before we come out to view the property and determine an offer. Whether it is in pristine condition, has structural or cosmetic issues or even pest problems, do not hesitate to call us. We will come look at the property.

The only thing our properties have in common is that the owner needs or desires a quick sale.

We pay cash and we cover the majority of closing costs. In some cases, we can cover all of the closing costs for a deal. Many of our deals are wrapped up in just a week, letting you be done with the problem and get back to other things.

If you’re thinking you need to sell my house fast, contact us today to arrange an appointment. It costs nothing to have us look at the house. We will determine a fair cash offer and leave the decision up to you, no pressure.

Remember, we do the following:

  • Pay cash
  • Cover most or all standard closing costs
  • Buy as-is
  • Close quickly

See for yourself why so many people turn to us when they need a house sold quickly. Just fill out our online questionnaire and someone in your area will get back to you as soon as possible.