Apartments and Homes: Renting vs. Buying

Apartments and Homes: Renting vs. Buying When it comes to apartment and house hunting, 2018 apartment statistics show renting or buying your own place both come with their own pros and cons. A small family, for example, may prefer to not to buy a house or apartment right away, preferring instead to find a suitable […]

Apartment Rental Statistics 2017-2018

Apartment Rental Statistics 2017-2018  Although many people include owning a home as part of the “American dream,” people who have never owned a home before fail to think about the responsibilities associated with home ownership. If anything breaks or stops operations properly, it’s – guess who? – their responsibility to fix that appliance, HVAC system, […]

The Best Luxury Tempe Apartments Near ASU in AZ

Luxury Apartments in Tempe AZ Tempe, Arizona is home to a number of quality schools, eateries, malls, venues, and other places of entertainment. Arizona State University — the most populous university in the United States — is located in the heart of Tempe, bringing many talented, intelligent young adults to the area. The Keg Steakhouse […]