Home Seller benefits to offering a home warranty

In 2018, some 5.5 million homes were sold across the United States. Hundreds of thousands of sellers were ultimately sued for misrepresenting what they sold to buyers. Many other Americans’ homes had taken severe damage just days after buying them, often resulting in sellers being forced to fork over tons of money to recompensate them.

Since homes aren’t exactly easy to come by – they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, after all – and most people can’t even afford one home, let alone multiple homes, you should always protect the pieces of real estate that you sell.

When it comes to selling homes, you should always get a full-fledged, top-of-the-line home warranty on those that you sell. These warranties act like insurance policies if certain emergencies, disasters, or other events that cause major home damages take place, quickly paying out substantial sums of money to cover those losses.

If you aren’t already clear on the many benefits of covering listed homes you’re trying to sell with home warranties, here are three of the most important.

1. Warranties Are Advertising Tools, Effectively

Buyers have been proven to routinely have more confidence when it comes to buying pre-owned homes if those homes have home warranties covering their integrity. You will be more likely to successfully sell homes if they’re covered with home warranties.

2. Make Disputes After Closing Deals A Thing Of The Past

Some people bring up issues with realty they just bought after sales are finalized like a poor AC unit that needs repair. If something breaks soon after the house was sold, our home warranty will cover it.

3. Hedge Against Losing Money From Emergencies

If you have a home listed on the market right now and something serious happens to its structure, plumbing, or something else that’s important, its value could go down tremendously. With a home warranty, you don’t have to worry about this.