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Whether you are preparing for retirement or are looking for a luxury gated community to buy a vacation investment home in, Phoenix Arizona. Will continue to pop up on your real estate search radar. Our weather is almost perfect.

With over 308 days of glimmering sunshine a year, it is hard not to escape the winter cold with a nice place in a secure gated community. When you also compare the extreme home value increases our market has seen lately, you would be hard press to consider another major city in the USA.

Any way your not hear to be sold on AZ you all ready know where you stand on the move. Lets get to the communities. below you will find the ultra high end and affordable but well respected gated communities in Phoenix AZ.

Allow the picture of the property to give you an idea of the quality of home and neighborhood you will find on its pages. Lastly they start with a median home price of 1 million dollars and go down to under 300k. For a more inexpensive house please visit our homes for sale in phoenix gated communities under 299k on our gated communities in Phoenix AZ article.