Short Sales

What is a Short Sale

Short sales are a fantastic way to avoid foreclosure on property that you can no longer afford. If you believe that this could be a viable option for you it is important to find a real estate agent who knows what he or she is doing. There are many agents in Gilbert, AZ who can help you with this process, but some people are better than others. Research, understanding the game and asking questions can help you succeed in finding the right agent for your sale.

Short Sale Process

This process is one way that mortgage companies can help to cut their losses on a property. It never hurts to find out whether you are eligible for this type of sale if you find yourself in a financial bind. Contacting your bank is the first step towards moving forward with your life and getting out of the contract that you are currently involved with. An experienced agent, with the help of a property lawyer, can navigate this tricky terrain so that you maintain your financial freedom and good credit. This can help you purchase additional property in the future when you get back on your feet financially.

This type of sale requires a certain amount of finesse to get all parties to agree to the terms. Understanding the system and having a great team is beneficial to you when going through these proceedings. You can get out of a financial situation that is hurting you and your bank can avoid having to go through a property foreclosure.