Tips to Make Your Spring Staycation Fun and Relaxing
It’s a beautiful spring season here in Chandler, Arizona, and you can enjoy this happy time of year right in your own luxury apartmen. Treating yourself to a staycation can be very enjoyable, and there are several ways to make it one you’ll remember.

You can treat this spring break like a real vacation. Just find days you can comfortably take off from your responsibilities at school, work or even at home. Once you choose your days off, make sure you commit. It may be difficult because you’re not on a schedule to travel, but you can choose a few days that naturally fit around a break and make a long weekend, for example. First, you’ll want to clean your apartment, so you’ll be in a nice and relaxing environment. Allow yourself to get excited for your staycation!

Next, you’ll want to disconnect from digital attachments. As you plan time off, find activities you can enjoy without the need to check your phone every few minutes. This will serve as a break from some of the stress and anxiety of your daily life. If you’re bothered by thoughts of emails to write, papers to turn in or phone calls to make, you can make a list of them and set it aside to deal with when your staycation is over. Once you write these tasks down, you’ll be able to relax and know you won’t forget when it’s time to get back to the real world.

Plan a day when you can treat yourself to a home facial or massage at a spa. These indulgences can do a lot to relax and refresh you, and they can help make you feel like your spring break is special. You can use Google to find reviews of local spas in Chandler and Pinterest to find homemade facials that will work for your needs and skin type.

Your Chandler luxury apartments are not the only location available to you as a peaceful place away from the city. Be sure to enjoy your community amenities. Liv Avenida has perks like a saltwater heated pool, spas, group yoga, pilates and Zumba classes. These amenities will help you stay active and relax, and you won’t have to go far to enjoy them.

We hope that however you choose to enjoy yourself this spring, you finish your break feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the rest of the season!