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The old adage rings true now today as it ever did. IF you are relocating to Arizona from another state in the USA you need insider information what cities are the best? Should I choose Gilbert AZ or Chandler Arizona? Who would know these things better than a local real estate agent in Gilbert AZ as to what places to avoid and better yet what communities have the top schools and parks? We believe in pairing you up with an Agent that lives and works in Gilbert. This way her real estate network is most suitable for the exact listing you are looking to put an offer in.

Not all Realtors and Real Estate Agents are created equal!

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Do you really want a “Gilbert Realtor” with sales experience that is almost exclusively in another market? For instance and agent that specializes and lives in PHX(Phoenix) or Scottsdale selling, may not be best educated in your SE Valley Housing, Rental, and Real Estate Market? It does not make sense to have some one that lives 1 hour away as your ally in the buying decision. You need the best information possible and this is more than likely going to come from a resident agent that lives in the local community you are looking to buy. She drives past that neighborhood every day, she has helpful insight into the area and location.

So you know you need a a Gilbert Realtor or Real Estate agent in Gilbert AZ but you have just moved to the area and you don’t know. One. Well We at Arizona Homes can help you with all of your residential and commercial property needs. Whether you need a buyer’s agent or a sellers agent call us toll free to speak with one of our best real estate agents that live in Gilbert.

It is important to have a knowledgeable and competent business that can help you along the way of the transaction. For instance if you are buying new build home you would want assistance with the negotiations to lower the purchase price. Also in commercial projects under contract you may need legal representation to protect or shield your investment and we can help you find all that you will need.

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Gilbert AZ Realtor and real Estate Agent

Hi my name is Rene and I am a certified Gilbert AZ Realtor. I live and work in the Arizona City of Gilbert and my family calls this place home. I am an A.Z native and have lived here all my life. To say I know the area and the market would be an understatement. I am very friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to real estate transactions and the short sale process.

I would like to offer you my services as your realtor in Gilbert AZ. Since I live here I can always meet you at a property when ever you need me to without much notice. And the only thing I love to do more than show houses to clients is chat. So whenever you need anything, as my client my phone will always be on.

If you are looking to relocate to the area you may want to sign up for my SE Valley movers guide to help answer some questions about the best schools and perfect locations for shopping and hospitals. As a top Gilbert Realtor I try my best to give 110% to my clients needs. I am very experienced with short sales and the bank loan process as well. No matter what age your children are there are many communities here that would be a perfect match for you. Give me a call toll free at or contact me on the site, either way I cannot wait to help you.